Welcome To Dansworks!

Here at Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts, we like to do things a little differently.

Forget everything you ever imagined a dance or performing arts school to be; Dansworks is not like that. Instead, we’re an exuberantly friendly bunch who take the time to value every pupil we have, regardless of their level of ability. We’re not judgemental, but provide a caring and encouraging environment where every student can learn and grow.

We respect individuality, so whatever you’re trying to achieve and whatever you’re capable of, we’ll make sure you fulfil your potential.

More Than A Dance Academy

Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts is more than just a dance school.

Our qualified instructors cover the full range of performing arts, so whether you want to learn to dance, perform, sing or act, you can find a welcoming place of learning with us.

Thanks to our inclusive approach, we’re open to anyone of any gender, age, ability or experience, so whether your goal is to become a professional performer on the West End stage, or whether you simply want to boost your confidence or improve your physical fitness, Dansworks will welcome you with open arms.

At Dansworks, our vision is to realise a world where dance is part of everyone’s everyday life, regardless of ability – or disability! Our dedicated and approachable staff are on a mission to make engagement with dance important to all individuals and communities in Bacup, Rossendale and beyond but, most importantly, they’re here to help you achieve your dreams.