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What Dansworks means to us.

Words are simply not enough to explain how much Dansworks means to us as a family.

It is not only a place where my children have learned to dance beautifully, but it is a safe haven and a place to grow as a person. Dansworks is also place to increase your abilities push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

My children have grown into lovely young people, and this is in part due to the loving, nurturing environment that Dansworks is.

We love being part of the Dansworks family.

The Walkers x (23/10/2021)


Dansworks, means so much to Leon ,it helps to keep him focused and motivated. All the teachers make sure the children enjoy their lessons and strive to be the best they can without making them feel under pressure. There is a great variety of lessons to suit all ages and abilities and a safe environment is provided at all times. The mental health and well being of all the children and staff is taken into consideration with sessions that have been provided for the children, this was really helpful after Covid.

Sharon Watson (23/10/2021)


My daughter, Erin has been dancing from a very young age. However, she found her previous dance school to be quite elitest and as such she made the decision last year to find a new hobby. I mentioned this to a colleague at work who told me that his children both went to Dansworks and that Erin might want to give this dance school a try before giving up on dancing completely. I took Erin down to Bacup to try out some lessons and she instantly got back her enthusiasm for dance. Ever since, she has looked forward to her lessons on Tuesday. Erin says that she is taught at a high standard but that the atmosphere is supportive, happy and inclusive.

Many thanks.
Andrew Oliver (23/10/2021)


Dansworks has always been an important place for my daughter. She’s loves dancing, she loves the classes, she loves the teachers and she loves the friendships she has made there over the years. Children and parents feel they are part of a family. The pandemic was extremely difficult for dance schools, the arts and for all children. Dansworks worked hard to keep the children and their mental and physical well being at the heart of everything they do. Despite the challenges and difficulties of teaching children to dance in their homes, they ensured that children could access online classes that were delivered with the same professionalism and enthusiasm they get in the real studio. They worked tirelessly to ensure that children and families stayed active, providing a range of daily online sessions. Children in lockdown went through a range of emotions and feelings, I believe the contact and support Dansworks maintained throughout lockdown and upon returning to the studio had a positive impact on mental health and well being.

Judith Beckett (23/10/2021)


Well I realy don't know we're to start with this one haha ?‍♀‍.........

Dansworks is not just a dance school it's a family my daughter has been dancing since she was 2 (now age 14) all the time she has been there dansworks have never shown anything less than compassion and understanding my Daughter is autistic and needs alot of support I don't even have to tell her teacher what support she needs as they no probably better than me as they support and encourage her threw her dance journey, kelsey suffers with realy bad anxiatys she doesn't like to go out much but is always ready to go to dansworks, she loves her lessons and whilst everything slipped away from her when covid hit us dansworks was there for kelsey all the way threw voluntarily for the majority of lock down not only did her teachers do zoom with her to keep her dancing some times they would just sit and chat when kelsey was mentally drained and confused with the big change it always put a smile on kelseys face after a zoom with her teacher, dansworks is not like any other school my children have attended its just the best all round ? kelsey should be leaving dansworks with in 2 years but like iv said its more than a school it's a family and kels is determined to carry on with her dance journey as she grows and will be attending the adult classes.

Vicky Leigh Pennington (23/10/2021)


My Grandaughter is 7 and has been going to Dansworks since she was a 3, she has always enjoyed going , she loves learning new dances and said the teachers are always kind and helpful. They make you feel like part of a big family, throughout Covid lockdown they supported the children both mentally and physically. They offer a full range of performing arts and to suit all abilities.

Sheelagh Fell (23/10/2021)


When Dansworks say they are a family I believe they genuinely mean it!

My little girl started in September and instantly settled in!

She loves every member of staff and literally counts down the days until she can go again as soon as she gets home !!

The other children have welcomed her with open arms!

The things she has achieved in such a short time and the friends she has made has made me so glad she found Dansworks!

Thank you!!
Jade Chadwick (23/10/2021)


My 3 year old Lilah goes to Dansworks and is literally obsessed! Every day is a count down to her next dancing lesson. Leanne, her dancing teacher is amazing with my daughter and all the other children.

To say Lilah is only 3 it amazes me every week the dance moves and stretches/forward rolls that she has learnt already. Dansworks is an absoloute credit to The valley and something Rossendale should be very proud of

lilah from georgie

Georgie x


Dansworks are wonderful, my daughter loves the place it’s like her second family they are not only helping her achieve her long turn goal but they are making it fun and enjoyable as she goes, she went for as a one off with a friend and has been there ever since she loved it that much

Linsey Blunt (23/10/2021)


My daughter attends the Saturday morning sessions, (ballet, tap, street dance and musical theatre). Not only does she enjoy these session but she counts down the days until she can go back to dance!.

She loves her teacher leanne, who always has a smile on her face and is very welcoming and approachable.

Emma Barlow (23/10/2021)


My 4 year old Orla wakes up most mornings asking if she is going dancing today. She loves every minute of it. We are absolutely thrilled with the confidence that Dancworks has given her.
Leanne is fantastic with all the kids and looking forward to starting my toddler in a few years.

Jess Stansfield (23/10/2021)


My daughter always enjoys her lessons at Dansworks. She talks fondly of her teachers, who are fantastic at instilling confidence in her. Whenever she’s feeling a little down I always know she will have a smile on her face and a spring in her step after her classes.

Kay Halewood (23/10/2021)


Dansworks is not only a dance school but a family!

My daughter has attended dancing since she was three years old and I am so grateful for the continuous support from the staff!

My daughter is growing into not only an amazing dancer but a very confident girl and it's all thanks to the incredible staff at dansworks. She attends dancing every Saturday and never fails to have a smile on her face.

Keep doing what you're doing Dansworks because you truly are incredible!

jessica ellie s mum

Many thanks
Jessica (Ellie's mum)


Grace 7 and Theo 3 love Dansworks the teachers are wonderful. They both love Leanne particularly!! The inclusive environment that Dansworks have created is first class and gives you as a parent great confidence that what ever your child needs the team will be giving them 100% all the time. It is a lovely dance school run by lovely people ❤️???????

Anthony Taylor (23/10/2021)


Lucy age 6 has attended Dansworks since the age of 3 and it has become a very important part of her life. Social interaction .friendships are made and an understanding of many other aspects of a child growing up in today's society is addressed.. its much more than just a dance school ?..Lucy's confidence has excelled. The teachers go above and beyond what's needed ❤ they are all treated equal in Dansworks, everyone matters ..its a very special and well established company that involves the public as their own family Dansworks Family ? ❤

Julie (Lucy’s Mum) (23/10/2021)


Great for all ages and ability. My kids love it. Very friendly.

Susan Brooks (07/11/2020)


We always knew sending our daughter to Dansworks was the right decision, during lockdown definitely proved how right we were!

Dansworks went above and beyond, putting so much effort into making lockdown life as fun as possible.
They also put huge emphasis on the wellbeing of the children, this has been something we have been immensely grateful for. My daughter struggled with her mental wellbeing during lockdown. The support from Dansworks was and continues to be amazing, we can't thank them enough!

We describe Dansworks as our second family. We are so proud to be part of such a supportive, professional and inclusive dance school. Most importantly my daughter loves it and would spend every day there is she could!

Cheryl Jackson (Lilia’s Mum)


We got married last Saturday, never thought we would be able to make our first dance special? Thanks to Karen’s patience and experience our wedding was that bit more special, thank you so much, David & Francisca xx

David Coulthurst (July 2021)


This is the one special place where children can express themselves freely, gaining confidence, creating special bonds and releasing all energy. Dansworks is amazing dancing academy, where I can leave my child worry free. They are able to accommodate any need child might have. The teachers are amazing, kind, very friendly and everyone always feels welcome. They get the best out of the child with their approach. I have one happy dancer at home who always looks forward to her lessons. I cant be more grateful for a place like this being in Bacup, as there is not one bad thing I could possibly think of! All of the teachers have a special place in our hearts as they are doing absolutely amazing job!

Monika Žampachova (23/10/2021)


My son Theo (aged 4) joined Dansworks just over a year ago and he’s loved every minute of it. Every week he looks forward to seeing his teacher Leanne and his friends he has made. His confidence and independence has come on so much with attending dancing and I know this helped him with his transition to primary school this year. I couldn’t ask for a better dance school.

Louise O’Neill ( theos mum) (24/10/2021)


I have followed the excellent work Dansworks have done for many years. So I was delighted to be asked to become one of the Directors when they created their C.I.C.

Not only is the standard of Dancing & Drama at the highest quality, but the way all the team look after the students, both physically & mentally is superb. During the Pandemic they have maintained contact with all their students & families and still managed to get the highest grades in all the exams they encourage students to take.

Karen & Dale have the best management skills creating a highly qualified and very committed leadership team.

I look forward to a very healthy future for the Dansworks business.

Peter Sweetmore – Dansworks Director (24/10/2021)


Dansworks has been a massive part of my life for over 10 years now, always supported me through highs and lows and helped me progress as a teacher. Seeing the pupils every week and seeing their progress however big or small makes me so proud. Not only do we like to see pupils be their own style of dancer, but their wellbeing is important to us as well and Dansworks always provides the training for us to constantly be up to date with different methods to help them.

Gemma Nuttall – Dansworks Teacher (24/10/2021)



With no previous dance training or knowledge of the art, my passion and potential for dance was recognised at the age of 8 by Karen. This was when my journey at Dansworks began. I did not know then, how integral Dansworks would be in my development and my personal growth for the remainder of my childhood years. I have encountered numerous obstacles and personal limitations which did not seem nearly as daunting with the support and love of my second family.

Dansworks has been a safe space for myself and many others who dance to fulfil their passion and love to develop their skills in an environment with no judgment. I have grown up in the classes that Dansworks offers and have been supported through every venture I have embarked on, which makes it more than just a school producing students who are capable of pursuing their love of dance. It is an environment nurturing children and young people of all backgrounds who learn to believe in their hard work as it’s proven to pay off.

I am certain that without my being a part of this community I would never have overcome the barriers I had in front of me and would not have been provided the same opportunities. I started what began as a hobby at Dansworks and I am now proud to call my dream career.

I have Karen and Dale to thank for this.

Siena Spall – Dansworks Teacher and full-time dance degree student at Shockout Arts in Manchester (23/10/2021)


There is so much I could say about being part of the Dansworks Team but to sum it up, it’s a family with so so so many children. From my first day I have loved this job my dream job, I cannot say how happy I am when I am working I call it my safe place. The team are exactly that a team and a great one too, we are always there for each other with advice, help or just to chat, during the last two year this team got me through a really hard time not being able to come to my safe place was difficult not seeing my work family was difficult but we did it and we got each other through it and are even stronger for it. I can’t wait for many more years, shows, exams and just all round Dansworks family madness ?.

Leanne Royle – Dansworks Teacher (23/10/2021)

The partnership that Dale, Dansworks and myself (In Mind Therapies), have created is, I believe, a very special one. When Dale first approached me to discuss how he could better support their student’s mental health, neither of us could have predicted a worldwide pandemic and how much more significant our collaboration would become. I am extremely proud of our work together and excited for our planned future collaborations which will support the mental health and wellbeing of more children in our local community.
Dansworks are trailblazers and we hope that they become a model for other Dance and Performing Arts Schools. Whilst supporting student and staff mental health is often talked about as being crucial work, I have found in my role, in reality, it is often not prioritised, and if it is, not actioned in a meaningful way. Dansworks is different. They have shown unwavering commitment, dedication, and a passion for supporting the children, young people, and families they work with. They have in my opinion, gone above and beyond many schools in terms of their educating staff, looking after staff wellbeing and supporting students’ mental health. We have seen very positive results early on and this is as a result of Dansworks being forward thinking regarding the way they tackle mental health support. They have taken on board that supporting our children’s mental health positively, means looking at how we can prevent issues occurring and provide early intervention strategies, and not just focus on supporting when issues arise. Whilst early intervention and prevention has been at the heart of all my Positive Minds School Wellbeing work, Dansworks have fully committed to it. It has been particularly exciting for the staff to see how quickly positive results can be achieved, despite the additional difficulties staff and students faced navigating the pandemic.

The staff and I have worked during the pandemic and lockdowns; the staff have completed months of intensive training during difficult and uncertain times and their dedication and enthusiasm has been moving to witness. It has not been an easy time for anyone, but I have seen how truly dedicated they have been and how hard they have worked to support all their students during the most difficult circumstances.
From the beginning of our collaboration, Dale has fully supported the Positive Minds model which promotes looking after staff wellbeing, as well as the students. This is such a vital part of mental health early intervention and prevention work, which is often ignored, but Dale has been proactive and advocated for this way of working. Our staff wellbeing work has personally helped the teachers manage their own mental health and wellbeing during the difficult past 18 months. I wish more organisations would seek to support their staff with the same enthusiasm.

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together over the past 12 months. I am very excited that we are continuing our partnership and that Dale is determined to find a way to continue this journey so together, we can give our local children important strategies and tools which can help them now and in the future. It has been a privilege to work with the Dansworks team and I hope they get the recognition they deserve; they are inspirational.

Anne Cartridge - Therapist, Trainer, Supervisor @In Mind Therapies/Positive Minds School Wellbeing Programme



Kristy J.

Dansworks is an amazing place, kids love it, everyone is friendly, caring and supportive. Xx.

Kristy J.


Kay H.

In my daughters words "The teachers are nice and really helpful when you are struggling. The choreography is great and creative".

Kay H.


Jeanette B.

My daughter has been dancing at dansworks for many years and in all that time the school has never faulted from its ethos being that all are at dansworks are equal no one person is better than another everyone gets the same opportunities no matter your abilities you are encouraged to be the best that you can be and most importantly have fun.

Jeanette B.


Laura D.

Yes, very friendly staff and lots of classes to choose from for all ages.

Laura D.


Joanne C.

My daughter Ruby is 6 years old & was only 2 when she started. We tried a couple of other local dance schools before Ruby started at Dansworks but she never settled, it was a totally different story here though. From day 1 they made Ruby feel very welcome & I knew she was in good hands. 4 years on & she's turning into a proper little dancer. I even do the adult tap! Can't recommend Dansworks enough. Best dance school around!

Joanne C.


Derek C.

It's not just the dancing it's the character building Dansworks do their very best to bring out the character in your children if you doubt that just go along to the show at Burnley mechanics you will be amazed

Derek C.


Judith B.

Grace has been at Dansworks since she was 3 years old. She is 7 this year and she still gets so excited for all her classes. She's made some lovely friends too. Dansworks is a safe, fun and friendly place with fantastic staff and experienced teachers. I highly recommend Dansworks to anyone.

Judith B.

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Dansworks is an amazing place, kids love it, everyone is friendly, caring and supportive. Xx

Kristy J. - Parent

In my daughters words "The teachers are nice and really helpful when you are struggling. The choreography is great and creative".

Kay H. - Parent

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