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Tap Dance

Tap is the original Street Dance!  Starting on Americas Streets in the 1930s.

Ever found yourself tapping your feet? Then Tap could be for you!

There is currently a resurgence of tap being performed in many West End shows now, so it is a fantastic skill to have to give you the edge.

Tap is a very relaxed and expressive style creating rhythmical sounds with intricate footwork and is also a fantastic way to learn to work in a group, creating rhythms either interactively or together trying to sound as one.

Pre-School and Beginner Classes start to learn basic Tap steps and have fun learning how to make these into rhythms and dances.

Juniors upwards start focussing on a structured Syllabus program, not only learning Fundamental Tap Techniques, but also basic musical structures to understand rhythms.  We also encourage performance skills and techniques, so students begin to understand the importance of performing for an audience.

Inter and Senior Tappers begin to learn more intricate footwork and clever interactive rhythms to create an impressive sound!  They also start to learn different Tap styles such as the easy Swing Tap of Fred Astaire, The energetic Jazz Tap style of Mr. Bojangles, The Broadway Tap of Gene Kelly, or the more modern Street Tap which focuses more on more grounded intricate rhythms.

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Register now - need more students for this class
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Dansworks is an amazing place, kids love it, everyone is friendly, caring and supportive. Xx

Kristy J. - Parent

In my daughters words "The teachers are nice and really helpful when you are struggling. The choreography is great and creative".

Kay H. - Parent

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