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Street Dance

Street Dance

There is more to Street Dance than most people think. Street Dance is not just one style of dance, it is diverse, ever-changing and offers something for EVERYONE. Whilst the umbrella term ‘Street Dance’ refers to the many different styles within it (i.e. House, Locking, Popping, Breaking etc), most of our Street Dance classes are hip hop based, resembling much of what is featured in modern media such as music videos, commercials, films and TV.

Our children's Street Dance classes, divided by age, are perfect for those who wish to train at the MAX with a supportive, family-like network around them. Some will want to learn the different styles of street and master them, whilst others will just want to enjoy their weekly dance class, see their friends, and burn off some energy. You can start Street Dance as young as age 2½ years old and we also offer adult street, which is perfect for anyone looking to boost their confidence, introduce a new form of exercise, learn a new skill or rediscover an old one!

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Dansworks is a Performing Arts Academy with a difference; we provide a friendly and encouraging learning environment for everyone. We don’t care whether you can dance like Darcey or have two left feet, whether you can sing like Sinatra or can’t carry a tune in a bucket, we welcome you to join our family and achieve your goals.

We foresee a world full of love and laughter, so put on your dancing shoes and come and join us! Read more

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Dansworks is an amazing place, kids love it, everyone is friendly, caring and supportive. Xx

Kristy J. - Parent

In my daughters words "The teachers are nice and really helpful when you are struggling. The choreography is great and creative".

Kay H. - Parent

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