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Ballet Classes

Experience the excitement, beauty, and grace of classical ballet!

Ballet Technique classes are the foundation for ALL dance training!!

Pre- Primary & Beginner Ballet (age 4-7 / reception - year 2) Classes explore Creative Movement to music using basic Ballet Techniques in a structured yet fun setting.  We begin to work on developing elements such as coordination, musicality, rhythm, basic arm, and leg positions, stretching, concentration and good listening skills.

Junior Ballet (age 8-11 / year 3-6) Grade 1 and 2 – Now students start to learn Ballet Fundamentals and basic Ballet Vocabulary, in a simple and practical way, whilst developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility, all in a happy, encouraging environment. We still include Free Creative Movement to promote musicality and to encourage students to experiment with the technique they are learning.

Inter Ballet (age 11+ / year 7+) Grades 3 and 4 – Once students have a good Ballet Foundation, we begin to focus on developing solid ballet technique, whilst also continuing to encourage musicality, creative expression, and technical understanding. At this level, we work on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn-out and coordination of the upper body, arms, and head. 

Senior Ballet (Age 14+)  Once they reach the senior Ballet Class, our students are comfortable with Ballet Fundamentals and can now work for more secure and solid Technique to prepare them for entry into Full Time Dance Training, should they desire to do so.  Classes now work at a faster pace to help build strength, stamina, and coordination, whilst building on the principals of musicality and performance.

Pre Pointe Classes

Pre Pointe class is for Ballet students who are in Year 7 or above and Grade 3 Ballet or above.  No assessment is necessary for this class as the focus is on improving ankle and core strength and building stamina.  Demi-Pointe shoes are needed and must be correctly fitted by an appropriate Pointe Shoe supplier.

Pointe Classes

A ballet dancer must have great strength and good technique to be able to do dance ‘En Pointe’. We recommend that dancers work in Demi-Pointe shoes and attend Pre Pointe class for about 2 years before they will be ready to practice pointe technique.  But even then, some students may not be strong enough. 

Before approximately 12 years of age, the bones in the feet are too soft to withstand the weight of the dancer, which can lead to injuries and lifelong deformities. So, we assess students to make sure they are ready and strong enough to start dancing ‘En Pointe’. 

Pointe shoes MUST be fitted correctly by an experienced, trained fitter.


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Dansworks is an amazing place, kids love it, everyone is friendly, caring and supportive. Xx

Kristy J. - Parent

In my daughters words "The teachers are nice and really helpful when you are struggling. The choreography is great and creative".

Kay H. - Parent

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