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Parents Handbook

Welcome to Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts CIC

Please take time to review the following information, the HANDBOOK contains all the information you need for the year. 

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Important Dates 2020/21
12th September Classes begin
25th Oct - 1st Nov Closed for half term - open again on 2nd November
20th December Last day of Classes before Christmas
21st December Exams, Rosettes and Medal Tests
22nd Dec - 10th Jan CHRISTMAS BREAK
11th January Classes starts up again after Christmas break!
27th - 28th March Dansworks Annual Show
29th Mar - 9th Apr EASTER BREAK
10th April Return to Classes after Easter Break


Communication & Correspondence

Throughout the year all communication will go out to you in the following ways:

Email: This is our primary communication method. We use emails to communicate important news, reminders, order confirmations, personal notes, and more. Please make sure you add our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your address book / contacts / white list. Also, please make sure you keep your primary contact email address updated - you can do this on your Account Details page.

Social Media: We post immediate update notices on Facebook and we also keep updating our other social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Tik-Tok. Please follow and join us – notice the links to these at the bottom of all our pages below our contact info.

Paper copies at dance class: We try to always send home information on a paper copy for those trying to avoid the technical world!

We try hard to make sure our families know what’s happening well in advance, however if you don’t read your notes/emails/Facebook page, you’ll be missing out on important info. Please try to stay up to date and find the information you need in the above locations first, and if in doubt contact us and we will get you fixed up!


Guidance for Attending Group Classes

Click here for the PDF




Before Attending Classes

  • Make sure no one in your household is feeling unwell or has had any contact with anyone unwell. If you have been told to isolate, please attend the classes via live stream.
  • Go into your Student Info page > click the edit icon next to each student name > then select the options next to ‘Symptom Free & Not asked to isolate’ and ‘Attending’, then click 'Save'. YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE THESE EVERY SUNDAY AS THEY ARE CLEARED EACH SATURDAY AT MIDNIGHT.
  • If you are isolating or are unwell but don’t want to miss the class, you need to select ‘Remote’ next to ‘Attending’ and you can then access the class via Live stream - before the class we will email you the link to join.

Which Entrance Do I Use?

  • Please make a note of which studio your children’s class is in. You can find this in your ‘Account Details’ Page.
  • Studio 1 and 2 - enter via the main door on Alma Street
  • Studio 3 and 4 - use the top emergency exit door on Alma Street
  • Studio ABD – these classes are taking place at the AB&D Centre, Burnley Road next door to the Post Office. Enter via the main door.  Please socially distance whilst waiting for entry.

Waiting for Class to Start

  • DO NOT arrive early for class – arrive on time and wear a mask. Secondary School age children must also wear a mask.
  • Preferably wait in the car until the door is opened and then send your child alone to the door.
  • If parking does not allow, or your child is too young to go alone – ONE parent only must walk them to the door whilst socially distancing.
  • DO NOT group outside the studios, always remain socially distanced. Remember that the future of Dansworks is at stake should you not abide by the rules.
  • If you want to give any information to the teacher, please text 5 minutes before your class starts and the information will be passed on.

Attending Class

  • ARRIVE READY!! No moving around the building to change will be allowed – if doing ballet plus other genres, wear your leotard underneath.
  • Wear SOCKS!!! Bare feet are no longer allowed. 
  • ONLY bring dance shoes, water bottle and snack/lunch. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED.
  • NO OUTDOOR SHOES WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE STUDIOS. You will be asked to remove shoes BEFORE entering the dance space.
  • Hand sanitizer must be used when entering the building. There are stations positioned around the building and in every studio, so students do not need to bring their own.
  • Masks can be removed once students are in their Socially Distanced Dance Space.

When Class is Finished

  • DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY OR LATE FOR PICK UP. The teachers have a limited amount of time to clean the studios ready for the next Bubble Group arriving. 
  • Preferably wait in the car until the door opens. If this is not possible – PLEASE SOCIALLY DISTANCE OUTSIDE THE BUILDING.  Dansworks reputation is in your hands!!



Classroom Attire

Dansworks uniform is not compulsory for classes, but we do INSIST on appropriate dance wear and hairstyles for ALL classes.

Dansworks uniform IS compulsory for ALL Exams, Rosette Tests and Public Performances.

Nothing should keep you from dancing!! Including not having the right ‘gear’. 

We do not want you to rush out and buy everything the first week, so we have loan dance shoes, but after a few dance classes it is essential to begin to purchase the necessary items.

We have dancewear deals to help you spread the cost – see our separate price list.

At Dansworks we do our ABSOLUTE best to source dancewear that is high quality but affordable, as well as being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Wish & eBay do have ballet shoes, leotards etc much cheaper, but we ALWAYS find that these items are of extremely poor quality and/or completely unsuitable!

Your child will need the official Dansworks uniform anyway for exams, tests, and performances, so it makes more sense to get the right ‘gear’ from the outset.


Most dance styles include floor work or jumping, so loose hair can get caught, stood on, whip someone in the face, etc.  Hair is also a MAJOR source of distraction, with younger spending long periods of time putting hair up and down examining it in the mirror!

NO JEWELLERY (SMALL, PLAIN STUD EARRINGS ONLY)for health & safety, please leave all jewellery and watches etc at home.

NO OUTDOOR SHOES IN DANCE STUDIOSMost dance styles have floor work.  Outdoor shoes bring in a LOT of bacteria and dirt plus tiny bits of debris which can damage our specialist dance floors.

STUDENTS MUST HAVE A SUITABLE, NAMED BAG FOR ALL THEIR DANCE EQUIPMENT outdoor coats and outdoor footwear etc. must be left in reception.

ONLY SUITABLE CLASS ATTIRE CAN BE WORNStudents must be well prepared for the classes they are about to attend.  If students are not wearing appropriate clothing / shoes, they may not be able to fully take part.  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SECTION: -

Appropriate dance class attire is essential for several reasons: -

  • Safety & Decency Dancers need to be appropriately covered and safe for the activity. Most dance styles involve floor work or jumping – loose clothing can move too much and cause embarrassment or can get caught around fingers, hands, feet etc which can cause injuries.
  • Street Dance Footwear – We know dancers like to be cool and wear the ‘latest trainers’, but twisted knees and ankles are NOT cool!

Our specialist dance floors are designed to be non-slip for health & safety reasons and therefore any trainers worn MUST be low tack, low tread and preferably with ‘spin spots’ (circular tread to allow for twisting, spinning).  Whilst we do not make dance sneakers compulsory (we know they are not cool!), they are specially designed for dance movements, impact, support and for use on dance floors.

  • Technique – Proper dance attire enables the teacher to be able to see the dancer’s movements and positions. The teacher can then correct them so they can dance safely, with correct technique and without injury.
  • Distractions – Students who attend class in their favourite ‘dress up costume’ or brand new ‘sports outfit’ tend to be more distracted in class and less attentive to the teacher as usually the outfit is unsuitable and needs constant adjustment and they like to keep checking out their appearance in the mirror.
  • Discipline – Whilst all our classes have happiness and fun at their heart - a formal uniform helps to distinguish the dance class and outfit from other activities and therefore getting the student in the right frame of mind and be ready for the class.



Uniform & Exam / Performance wear

Dansworks Tracksuit bottoms / Dansworks leggings

Dansworks Black T-shirt with student’s name

(girls – crop top or leotard underneath)

Dansworks hoody / Dansworks Jacket for Warm Up

Suitable clean trainers or dance sneakers (NO outdoor trainers)

Other suitable class attire - Plain tracksuit bottoms, shorts, leggings & plain t-shirts, crop tops.




Uniform & Exam / Performance wear

Dansworks leggings / Dansworks tracksuit bottoms)

Black Dansworks t-shirt with student’s name

Dansworks hoody / Dansworks Jacket for Warm Up

Black Jazz shoes

Black / tan heeled dance shoes (older students only)

Other suitable class attire - Plain tracksuit bottoms, shorts, leggings & plain t-shirts, leotards, crop top.  Ballet shoes, dance sneakers, NO TRAINERS.



Uniform & Exam wear

Juniors - Dansworks Vest or Crop Top & Dansworks Shorts

Inters & Seniors – Black catsuit

Cross over cardigan or close fitting, long sleeved running top or Dansworks Jacket for warm up (ESSENTIAL)

Other suitable class attire - Plain black leggings, cycle shorts or black tights with any leotard, tight vest top (boys only) or crop top. 



Uniform & Exam wear

Dansworks Vest or Crop Top

Dansworks Shorts

Cross over cardigan or close fitting, long sleeved running top or Dansworks Jacket for warm up (ESSENTIAL)

Other suitable class attire - Plain black leggings, cycle shorts or black tights with any leotard, tight vest top (boys only) or crop top.




Uniform & Exam wear

Regulation class leotard

Ballet socks or ballet tights

CLEAN ballet shoes

Cross over cardigan for warm up (ESSENTIAL)

Other suitable class attireAny leotard with ballet skirt, Dansworks shorts and / or tights, Close fitting, long sleeved running top for warm up.


Uniform & Exam wear

Regulation white leotard

Dansworks Boys Shorts / Black Stirrup tights (Grade 2 & Above)

Black ballet socks

Black ballet shoes

Close fitting, long sleeved running top for warm up (ESSENTIAL)

Other suitable class attireAny leotard or tight vest with black cycle shorts or black running leggings.




Uniform & Exam wear

Regulation class leotard

Dansworks Shorts (Grades 1 – 4)

Plain white ankle socks (Grades 1-4)

Tan fishnets (Grades 5 & Above)

Black Tap shoes

Cross over cardigan or close fitting, long sleeved running top or Dansworks Jacket/Hoody for warm up (ESSENTIAL)

Other suitable class attire – Any leotard with Dansworks shorts, Dansworks leggings, plain black leggings, or plain black tights.


Uniform & Exam Wear

Regulation Boys leotard

(Exam Wear ONLY for Grade 1 and above - Smart white shirt and red bow tie)

Black Dansworks boys’ shorts / Black Dance Trousers (Grade 1 and above)

Plain black socks

Black Tap shoes

Dansworks Jacket/Hoody or close fitting, long sleeved running top for warm up (ESSENTIAL)

Other suitable class attire – Any leotard or fitted vest with black cycle shorts or plain black running leggings.



Check your Account Details page for additional fees and options for costumes. Recreational students who pay for their costumes will be able to participate in year end recitals - recreational costumes are not required when you opt out or do not pay before the due date.



Check back here for more info on our fund raising events and opportunities!



We cannot stress enough how important good attendance is in dance! It is difficult to create awesome dance choreography when children are absent often. As much as possible, please try to commit to the classes you are registered for. If your child is unable to dance/attend, we still encourage her/him to come to their class to watch or to complete the class via video link where possible (subject to availability). Your child is part of our dance family and we miss them when they are not there! If you are planning a long vacation where your child will miss more than 2 weeks of a class please contact us.


Studio / Building Rules

PLEASE SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES WHILE YOU ARE WAITING. You really need to take care to make sure your children are well behaved in the space.

You're welcome to stay & wait for your dancers under normal circumstances, but you are also more than welcome to leave and come back to pick up at the end of their class. Other instructions may be put in place during special circumstances.


Festival Work

Festival Work is by invite only and is for students in the genre of dance they are taking. Please consider the level of commitment that is required if your child decides they would like to perform a solo, duo, trio, or other festival work.

There will be extra fees for private lessons to learn their choreography.

There will be multiple group/dress rehearsals, and a requirement that your child is practicing their routine at home as well.

Children taking part in festival work are given the opportunity to participate in competitions with our dance teams. Dates for competitions are set. Please note, there will be entrance fees to participate in each competition per dance. If you think your child would be interested in this, please start the discussion now, as we only have time for so many private lessons. Registration for this is available online under Dancing > Competitive > Festival Work



We are an IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) and LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) studio. We believe in providing the opportunity to take performing arts exams for all our students, and this year we are so excited to be offering this opportunity to all children ages 3+. Please note that these exams, rosettes, and medal tests are not compulsory.

See Also Our Exam FAQ

Welcome to Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts CIC

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